Serge ♆ Neptune invited me to guest at Neptune’s Glitter House for WayWard Poets with Rick Dove and Kym Deyn. Sadly, the host of “The most over the top poetry broadcast” lost his internet connection partway through and I had to introduce myself! You can watch the recording of the event below – my set starts around 22 mins in but if you don’t watch the others you’ll be missing some treats!

Malika’s Poetry Kitchen – the collective set up in 2001 by Malika Booker and Roger Robinson, which I have been Director of since 2010 – did an online reading as part of WinchesterFest. It included a set by me (about 36 mins in, but I encourage you to watch it all). If you would like to donate to MPK, you can do so via

I’ve been collaborating with Cobbler – electronic, sample-based musician, producer and remixer – who has set two of my poems to music:

In Grams Corner I am God

At Liberty

My reading of Nighthawk is one of the Bloodsuckers in Insect Love Songs – part of Fiona Benson’s ‘Urgency’ Arts Commission for University of Exeter Arts and Culture

Anna Robinson invited me to her Poetry Parlour on Soho Radio to discuss Poetry and Rebellion with Jack Roebuck

Look Who’s In Town! Introducing the start of the show and reading my poem Room In New York, June 2016

Another Life in Hathersage, June 2016

Brixton Beat performed at the Stanza Bonanza, June 2013. There was no blood, there was definitely poetry, and Brixton beat Clapham (IMHO!)

I Have Forgotten My Father recorded for Wise Words Festival in 2013, text also available on Poetry Exchange

I was poet in residence for Bang Said The Gun in May 2012. This is a set I performed in collaboration with musician Julian Burdock. The technical quality is not great, but you get the gist – I do have studio recordings of these pieces, contact me if you’re interested.

I did two sets for Dodo Modern Poets at the Poetry Cafe in Dec 11