What a week!

I enjoyed a lovely weekend of poetry in Aldeburgh. Congratulations to the team who put it together – at their own initiative and (in some cases) expense.  They and the volunteers made a great and friendly festival and already have plans for 2017 – if you weren’t there, plan to go next time. Some of the wonderful poets had an unusual member of the audience, see Judith Palmer’s picture below!


Coming back to the real world was mitigated by some poetry success – At Sea In A Coffin (the poem I read at the Aldeburgh open mic) was posted on Neu! Boots Are Made For Walking (the latest iteration of the New Boots and Pantisocracies website) on Monday and today, Chasing Rainbows (previously published in Domestic Cherry) went up on And Other Poems.
If that wasn’t enough excitement for one week, it turns out I’ve won the poetry section of the Elmbridge Literary Competition! There’s a prize reading at 7pm on Sat 19th Nov in Walton on Thames and it’s FREE! Hope you’ll come…

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